reverse engineering things that predecessors left without any documentation and throwing them out the window because devops

Getting Acrobat Reader (or acroread) to work on the latest Ubuntu release was a royal PITA.  Previously it was installable through the Medibuntu repository, but unfortunately on Lucid it would come up with an error complaining of uninstallable libldap2 dependencies.

[bash]The following packages have unmet dependencies:
acroread: Depends: libldap2 but it is not installable
E: Broken packages[/bash]

Thankfully, I was able to install it by enabling the “partner” canonical repository in System > Software Sources.  Once then I was able to succesfully run:

[bash]sudo apt-get install acroread acroread-plugins[/bash]

Hopefully this small tidbit will help out those searching for some fixes on this issue as  I saw tons of posts on-line without an available fix.  I personally have found Acrobat much faster on Linux than on Windows and I could not stand some of the open source PDF viewers that came with Ubuntu (no offense to the programmers :)).  I like some of the extra features of Acrobat as well.