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This is something I’ve noticed a few times lately on Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5 and I figured I’d post for future reference.

When mounting an nfs mount on a clean build of RHEL5, eg:

[code]sudo mount nfsserver:/home /nfsimports/nfsserver/home[/code]

You might notice that the client hangs. ¬†Running ‘tail -f /var/log/messages’ on the server reveals that the authentication completes, eg:

[code]Sep  9 13:55:31 nfsserver mountd[4549]: authenticated mount request from nfsclient:port for /home (/home)[/code]

If you see that, make sure to start portmap on the client, eg:

[code]sudo /etc/init.d/portmap start[/code]

Not starting portmap causes NFS mount to hang thus never completing its operation. ¬†Portmap is used for RPC calls and more information can be found here. This is a little gotcha that got me a few times while working with RHEL5. Most likely somebody will run into this problem as well as portmap isn’t set to run by default on base RHEL5 install.