reverse engineering things that predecessors left without any documentation and throwing them out the window because devops

I have noticed the below error when one day i was starting up my KVM virtual machines to play around with Docker Swarm.

There wasn’t much information on google or forums and most talked about symlinks that weren’t there. Most folks recommended reinstalling seabios and seabios-bin. But unfortunately, reinstalling these packages did not provide the necessary files.

Upon further inspection of the package versions, I noticed that seabios-1.8.2-1.el7 does not provide /usr/share/seabios/bios-256k.bin. Now seabios-bin-1.7.5-11.el7 does provide that file.

Make sure that you are installing seabios-1.7.5-11.el7 and seabios-bin-1.7.5-11.el7. Check that you do not have /etc/yum.repos.d/CentOS-Xen.repo enabled. These packages should be pulled from


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